The forests of Western Quebec offer excellent hunting for moose, bear & grouse allowing Chalets Diane to offer a unique and exciting hunting experience. Surrounded by numerous trails, logging roads and thousands of acres of Crown Land, Chalets Diane offers the best hunting areas in Quebec.

Bow moose hunt starts the 3rd week of September and runs to October. In this time, you can shoot Bull, Cow or Calf. The moose rifle hunt starts after bow season and runs the 2nd and 3rd weeks of October. As with bow, you can shoot Bull, Cow or Calf during the rifle season.

The spring bear hunt starts May 15th and runs to the end of June. Chalets Diane provides 30 baits that are started from the 3rd week of April. These baits are situated near baited hunting stands providing a perfect hunting place. The baits are checked daily in person as well as via our trail cameras to help ensure your success.

For the small game hunter, ruffled grouse are plentiful in the area with the season beginning the 3rd week of September.

The marches, small lakes, clearings and logging roads provide perfect positions for hunting game. The staff at Chalets Diane will guide you out and set you in a key area to help with a successful hunt. They also provide retrieval of your game and prepare it for your return home. Be sure to bring a bug net, duct tape and a cooler for your meat